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Horseback Rides

 View historic Virginia City, Montana from the back of a horse the cowboy way! Come join us on an exciting and fun horseback ride up the breath taking Alder Gulch. We offer a one or two hour guided trail ride that we know you will love. 

Rules and Requirements

Horseback Rides

These restrictions are for your safety and the safety of those around you. Violation of any of the following may result in the immediate loss of riding privileges.


*No Riders who are unable to mount unaided, or are unable to maintain control of their horse.

*No “double” riding or lap children.

*No smoking, vaping, or consumption of alcohol.

*No shorts or sandals. Shoes must fully enclose your toes and heels. Long pants required.

*No firearms or bear spray.

*No backpacks, purses, fanny packs, or anything strapped or draped around you. Saddle bags are provided.

*No gaits faster than a walk (i.e. trotting, loping, galloping)

*No riders with fear of horses and/or heights.

*No veering off trail.

*No riders under eight years of age.

*No riders who exceed 240 pounds of weight will be allowed to ride, including gear.

*Safety helmets are mandatory for riders under the age of eighteen. Safety helmets are optional of riders eighteen and older.

*$35 Unaccompanied Minor Fee will be added to reservations that do not have an adult present.

*$35 Late Fee if you do not arrive within 30 minutes of your check-in time.

*Full refunds, less a 3% cancellation fee, will be issued if the ride is canceled with at least 72 hours’ notice.

*No refund will be given for late arrivals or no-shows.

*No refund will be given to those barred from participation due to being outside the weight and age requirements.

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