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Matt & Shiloh Clover, Owner and Operator

Matt and Shiloh are the owners and operators of Vigilante Carriages. Matt grew up in Skiatook, Oklahoma. Upon graduation, he spent 4 years in the US Navy as an aircraft mechanic. After his time in service, he decided to pursue his dream and spent numerous years working on various ranches throughout the country. Matt has been a teamster for over 20 years. He has owned several teams over the years. Matt has used his teams in many ways including, showing, farming, logging, weddings, showing, sleigh rides, and other events.

After purchasing his first team, Salt and Pepper, Matt found that he enjoyed competing in farm classes. He and his teams have won numerous titles including World Champion Farm Team, World Champion Feed Team in 2018 and Champion Obsticle Course in 2022. He competes in a number of events across the nation. 

Shiloh was born in Burley, Idaho. She grew up in New Mexico and Arizona. Shiloh has had a passion for horses her whole life. After she met her husband, Matt, he re-awakened her passion for driving horses and competing. They now run the stagecoach tours together in the summer and travel the country and compete together in the off season.

Moose is our 3 year old Blue Heeler. He travels the country with us on all of our adventures and rides shotgun on top of the stagecoach! He accompanies all of our guests on their chuckwagon dinner rides and is a fan favorite. He enjoys long naps, milkbones and his favorite toy, Beaver.

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